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If you are under investigation or have been arrested, you have the constitutional right to remain silent.  Remain silent and seek legal representation as soon as possible.  Do not help the Police make a case against you.  Never appear in court without a defense attorney, whether for your arraignment, bail hearing or any other court hearing.  Circumstances can shift against you very quickly, you need an attorney at your side protecting your interests and working for you.

Put Richard Noone’s 30 years of experience and relationships to work for you.  Attorney Richard Noone has an in-depth and unique understanding of the Massachusetts criminal justice system.  He spent the first twenty five years of his career investigating crimes and working with Government Attorneys prosecuting criminal cases just like yours.  This knowledge into how the police and prosecution think and act is absolutely invaluable.  Attorney Noone’s insight and experience is unparalleled among defense attorneys.

Being arrested and charged with a criminal offense is a very serious matter.  There are few situations in life as scary as facing criminal charges.  Your freedom, reputation and finances are on the line.  One verdict, one criminal conviction is all it takes to adversely affect your life and the lives of your loved ones.  The stakes are high.   A conviction can mean severe legal penalties as well as lifelong personal costs.  Your situation is important, and it is crucial to your future that you retain skilled legal assistance that can effectively defend your case and pursue the outcome that you need.  At the Law Office of Richard Noone, we are dedicated to our clients and we have a strong history of success.

 As a former Massachusetts State Police Officer, Richard Noone has a great understanding of the inner workings of law enforcement: how to identify the flaws in a case and what the prosecutor will do to try to convict you.  He is famliar with the criminal justice system from the ground up - from the arrest to trial.  He has forged important relationships with the police, prosecutors and judges.  This experience is invaluable when the stakes are so high. He knows how the system works and he knows how to build a strong case to help you pursue the results that you need.  Whether you have been charged with a speeding violation, drinking and driving or a serious violent crime, you can look to him for skillful and zealous representation.

Our firm has been serving clients throughout Massachusetts in various criminal defense matters for many years. We know the process, we know the people, and we can put our experience to work for you.  We offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice and information regarding your situation before making any financial commitment.  Contact Richard Noone today to discuss your situation and to learn how you can challenge the accusations and fight for your rights.

-Former Massachusetts State Trooper
-25 years as a police officer
-Honorably Discharged from Massachusetts State Police as a  Lieutenant in 2008
-Former Officer in Charge of the Boston Metropolitan Highway System  & Tunnels
-Former Narcotic and Organized Crime Unit Supervisor
-Former D.E.A. Task Force Agent
-Former State Police Detective
-Former Patrolman, Dennis, MA Police Department

-Suffolk University Law School, Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude 1997
-Stonehill College, B.A., Criminal Justice 1983
-Admitted to Massachusetts Bar 1997

-Member Massachusetts Bar Association
-Member Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
-Member Suffolk Lawyers for Justice

When you come to my office, you can expect to receive aggressive representation, personal attention, and dedicated service.  With over 15 years of practice and over 30 years of experience with the Criminal Justice System, Richard Noone is the right attorney to defend you against your charges.  If you are in need of an experienced, dedicated, and reputable attorney in the Boston area, please contact Richard Noone today for your free consultation at (617) 328-7118.

Richard is accessible twenty four hours per day, seven days per week.

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Please contact Richard Noone directly at 617-328-7118 or contact him online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns with an experienced Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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  • DWI / OUI / DUI Offenses 
  • Drug Offenses 
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses 
  • Violent Crime: Assault/Murder 
  • Domestic Violence / Assault 
  • Sex Crimes / Rape
  • Restraining Orders / 209A
  • Theft, Robbery & Burglary
  • Money Laundering
  • College Student Criminal Defense
  • High School Student Criminal Defense
  • Juvenile Defense
  • RMV Hearings
  • License Suspension / Revocation
  • Clerk's Hearings

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